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About Us


To tell you a little bit about us…

The first service of a few devoted Baptists in Sudbury happened in 1907 – just 4 adults and 3 kids, meeting in a curling rink. This led to the founding of First Baptist Church of Sudbury, and ever since then, this church has always been about a few faithful people gathering in loving community to worship God. In 1977, the church built its current location in Garson.

In 1993, the families of First Baptist Church felt compelled to serve their community by beginning a certified daycare. Teddy Bear Daycare has since become a multi-site operation owned by the church, which serves hundreds of children in Garson and the surrounding towns.

First Baptist is not really a traditional church, but it has a lot of history. On any given Sunday, you will find a community that is devoted to hearing and living Christ’s Word. You will find a community of warm-hearted, genuine people. You will probably be offered a hug, as well as cookies and coffee after the service.

What are we about?

Scripture: We believe that what we do comes from what God has shown us in his Word to us, the Bible. The Bible is a book that humans wrote but God inspired, so he uses it for his purposes of salvation and training us to be just and loving (2 Timothy 3:16). Christians of all ages of the Church have read its pages and heard God’s voice afresh, leading us to live more like Jesus. The Bible is an ancient book, but all Scripture is true because it perfectly points us to the living Christ, who leads us today. So, when we read our Bibles we make sure we respect the age of the Bible, reading it in its historical context, but also, we read it always as God’s Word for us today, reading it through Christ and his commands of love.

Liberty: We do not believe in involuntary religion. We do not believe in forcing people to believe anything. We believe that the best way to spread our faith is by respecting people’s liberty, listening to them as we would want to be listened to. We believe in making a free and just society. Gospel is supposed to be good news for the poor, oppressed, and discouraged (Luke 4:16-19).

Discipleship: We believe that every Christian is called to live out a redeemed life, following Jesus’ way (Luke 14:27). We are called not just to go to heaven but to bring a little bit of heaven to earth. So, we try to study and live out what God’s Word teaches us.

We also recognize that a lot of people read Scripture and come up with different conclusions. So, we encourage everyone read the Bible for themselves, makes up their own minds (and not just go with what their tradition says), be open minded with other views, loving towards other people that hold different views, and be convicted as your conscience leads. We try our best to look for Christ in all the traditions of Christianity, focusing on the love of Christ that holds us together rather than the divisions that keep us apart.

“In all things essential: unity. In all things non-essential: liberty. In all things: charity.”

Community: A lot of people are wary of “organized religion” and we don’t blame them! But apart of being human and a Christian is recognizing we are all imperfect and we all need forgiveness and acceptance from God and each other. So, we believe that living Christ’s love means living in intentional community. To be free is to live in authentic relationships with others. This means on Sundays and throughout the week we get together to continually remember the love that God gives us (a truth we so easily forget!), to encourage each other with God’s Word, to pray and help one another, to enjoy each other’s company, and to serve our community (Acts 2:42). Living in community can be messy because we all have messy lives, but that is part of the joy. Scripture calls us to bare one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). In that way, you might say we believe more in “disorganized religion!”

Mission: Because God is love and “desires all people to be saved” (1 Timothy 2:4) and that Christ has provided salvation for all people (1 Tim 2:6, 1 John 2:2,), we are overjoyed to bring this message to others. Christian faith holds that God became flesh and took our place on the Cross to show us just how loving he is. He is with us no matter what! That is Good News that we want to share with everyone who felt unworthy of it like ourselves.