First Baptist Church Sudbury | The Motherly Love of God: A Mother’s Day Sermon
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The Motherly Love of God: A Mother’s Day Sermon

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12 May The Motherly Love of God: A Mother’s Day Sermon

mom and child
Today is Mother’s Day, and we will be meditating on how the love of our mothers point us to the perfect love of God. While Scripture talks of God as a father, this does not mean that men or fathers are closer to God than mothers are. Scripture at several points uses motherly metaphors to communicate the persistent, caring, and sacrificial love of God.

Scriptures discussed: Deuteronomy 32:18; Psalms 57:1; Matthew 23:37-3; Isaiah 46: 3-4; 49:14-15

May you cherish you earthly mothers as a gift from God that points us to his perfectly love.

May you know that God loves you like the perfect mother, who cares for you, protects you, and has given his very life for you in Jesus Christ

May you and your mom have a great Mother’s Day.


Or listen to the message visit our podcast: The Motherly Love of God: A Mother’s Day Sermon.

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